Frequently Asked Questions

What is bridging finance?

Bridging finance is a form of short term lending that allows an applicant access to funds that they are guaranteed to receive in the future but require now. We are able to approve loans against a range of securities. Please contact us to enquire.

How can I apply for bridging finance?

Complete the application form or call our office to speak to one of our finance consultants who will assist with your enquiry.

What are the costs involved?

We offer the best rates possible and will beat any written quote.


How quickly will my application be approved and paid?

At Bridge Flow we understand the need for immediate response and fast pay-outs. Unlike traditional loans, bridging finance has an incredibly short turnaround time for processing your application and completing pay-out of your loan amount. Once we have received all relevant information from you in order to process your application pay-out can be completed in as little as 24 hours.


What documentation do you need from me?

Each application is different so we request that you contact us in order to find out what we need from you in order to process your application.


What can bridging finance be used for?

How you use your funds is entirely up to you.


I am Blacklisted. Can I still apply?

We ask you to contact us so that we can assess the nature and severity of your listing. Once we have this information we will be able to assist you with a realistic response.


Does Bridge Flow offer personal loans?

We DO NOT offer personal loans. Bridge Flow offers short term asset backed finance against property or other security.


Does Bridge Flow finance moveable assets such as vehicles and machinery?

Bridge Flow DOES NOT offer finance to purchase moveable assets such as vehicles and machinery.